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What IS Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine marketing? This is the question that I have asked so many people but many of them could not explain in better way. I also asked the same question to many webmasters. Similarly in the same passion I sat with SEO and SEM experts and concluded the following results.

I observe Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) as a somewhat expansive expression. It is the super set of technologies that are used in order to increase the web site traffic and its page rank. SEM use useful contents and w3 standars code used in the webpage. SEM is also used to increase the business.

Some best aspects that we want to share are not included in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

1. Paid Inclusion

It is the process of adding our site directly to search engines. We can also add our site to top directories having authentication by top ten search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, ASK etc. This method is used to get indexed the website we are working on.

2. Traditional Ads

In this process we add our site on SERPS ( Search Engine Results Pages). These pages are also called indexed pages by search engines. These should be indexed on the basis of keywords.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

These are just text and hyper links. These are handled by advertisers. Google Adsense is one of the best example we see live. This will enhance the traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Mostly we write SEO for Search Engine Optimization and SEM for Search Engine Marketing. These are two different names but having 80% same functionality and concepts of web site optimization. In the world of internet every day we are facing different new technologies and web based applications appearing.

Similarly there are some technologies are invented in website optimization field. One of them is SEO and second one is SEM. SEO is the subset of SEM because in SEM we get the SEO results. So many people having Search Engine Optimizing experience prefer SEM as compared to SEO.

Two years later in the world there were hundreds of companies and organizations those were working for SEO techniques. But now the trend has changed, new discovery has been made in Search Engine Optimizing field. SEM has taken the place of SEO.

The Best SEO Articles Importance

If you want to earn money through your websites then it is not very hard task. Websites are the best source to earn money online. I have more than three websites and I am earning reasonable amount from Google Adsense, Link Exchanging and Placing Ads on my sites.

How am I earning? It was very secret but disclosing in front of you in order to assist those people who are not eligible to make money through web sites. Before some months ago I wrote the best article about SEO. Here SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I placed the Google Adsense as well on my site.

Contents of my articles were unique and were very useful. My article was providing the best information about Search Engine Optimization. I disclosed everything I learnt from different resources. I opened the comments too. Many people admired the article and that month I earned 690 US Dollars only from google Adsense.

After this I purchased more domains on running categories and put useful and unique contents on my site. I was assure about the contents used on my sites. I also used those sites for link exchanging purposes and later on when the traffic to my sites increased many people made contacts to me and they placed their ads on my site.

In those months when I had 15 website I was earning more than 200 US dollars per day but now I have a small organization having 214 employees and more than 1000 sites. Would you like to imagine that how much am I earning from these sites.

This was all about unique contents those can help the user to solve the problems. So please avoid spamming and continue your work with sincerity and full devotion to your work. You will get fruit in return.

What Is Page Rank?

Page Rank is nothing but a weight of a page that how much it is important on World Wide Web, Google is one of the best search engines that are responsible for assigning this page rank or in other words you may say weight of web page.

Page Rank is indeed a numerical value that is assigned by Search Engines (Especially Google) by checking the inbound and outbound links of the page. Outbound links will be in favor of web page you are working on it. On the other hand inbound links are harmful for your web page on which you are working.

To increase the Page Rank of your web page, You are advised to get more outbound links for your web page.

Your web Page Links =(Number of  Outbound Links) –(Number of Inbound Links)

If left hand side of the above equation will be less than zero then there will be no good impact on your site. On the other hand if you will see positive number of links then you can happily say that importance of your web page will be increased.

 Page Rank is also directly proportional to the unique and understandable useful contents. It can be described as

Page Rank ∞ (Directly Proportion) Unique and Understandable Useful Contents

P R = t * Contents

Where t is  visiting time of web page.

History and Working of Search Engines

What is a web search engine?

Search Engine is software that is developed to fetch the information from other existing websites. A website is source of information having images, text and visual ads etc. Search Engine is responsible to crawling that site and showing the information against any search query. Search Engines are based on unique and fine algorithms that help it to search relevant and useful information.

Year By Year History Of Search Engines

  1. In 1993 Aliweb was launched.
  2. In 1994 WebCrawler, Infoseek and Lycos were launched
  3. In 1995 AltaVista , Magellan, Excite and SAPO were launched
  4. In 1996 Dogpile, Inktomi, HotBot, and Ask Jeeves were founded on www.
  5. In 1997 Northern Light was launched
  6. In 1998 Google was launched
  7. 1999 was the year of AlltheWeb, Naver, Teoma , Vivisimo Search Engines
  8. Baidu was founded in year 2000
  9. Info.com started its work in 2003
  10. Yahoo was developed in 2004 with its competitor a9.com
  11. 2005 was the year of MSN Search launching as well as Ask.com and GoodSearch were also launched

Search Engine Working
Working of search engines based on the following three steps.

  1. First of all search engine crawls the websites
  2. In next step it index the website in its memory
  3. In its last step, it does search from its memory against the certain words provided

Get Indexed By Search Engines On Keywords Basis

If you want to index your page in any search engine on keyword basis then you will have to follow given rules.

  • Use heading tags as h1, h2, or h3 around the keyword
  • Use the word in article of 400 to 500 words more than 3 times and less than 10 times
  • Use each first letter capital as “Search Engine Optimization”.
  • In forums give user name with space as “ Hank Freid

Many search engines prefer bold tags too instead of heading tags so also include bold tags in your articles.

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