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How to Use Diigo for Education

A Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking site that is useful for interacting with website as text that can be highlighted, annotated, and saved to a central place where they can interact.

install diigo toolbar

How to install the Diigo social bookmarking toolbar on the browser Firefox.

COM360 Diigo Presentation

This video is for my COM360 class on communication in the digital world.

Diigo: Manually adding bookmarks

How to manually add bookmarks to Diigo.

diigo screencast

Sharing Diigo with my readers on

Introduction to Diigo

A brief video introducing social book marking, and Diigo to students for use in research projects.

Posting @Diigo bookmarks to Twitter Sharing your Diigo bookmarks to Twitter can be done quickly.

Diigo Demo- Bookmarking

A very quick demonstration of bookmarking websites with Diigo.

Using Diigo and the Diigolet Tool for Research Purposes

This tutorial focuses on how to use the social bookmarking site Diigo and how to install and use the diigolet tool, an easy to use bookmarking tool for cross browser searching and documenting. Any site that you want to share with colleagues or friends can be easily saved to an online resource. The best part, it’s free. Any questions, please field them to me. Also, check out our class website at and pick the Intro to PC button.

Diigo – Improving how we find, share, and save information

Diigo is a research tool that rocks! Easy-to-use and so powerful… Check it out!

Diigo presents WebSlides (New Version)

Converting bookmarks & RSS feeds to slideshow in minutes! More powerful and easy to use functions! Check it out!

Getting started using Social Bookmarks with @Diigo Social bookmarking allows you to back up and synchronize your bookmarks or favorite websites online. You’ll be able to share and find your favorite links no matter what computer you are using.


Diigo is a social bookmarking web 2.0 tool the allows users to highlight, annotate, and share online articles. It’s a great collaboration tool fro research.

Diigo V3… Web! Social Bookmarking

Demo of Diigo, a social and business networking tool (and other features). Similar to Social bookmarking, Internet research, tagging, team collaboration, social tagging, business and training applications

Social Bookmarking – Diigo

Lee Kolbert explains social bookmarking to Lee Keller and demonstrates a site that takes it to the next level, Watch this series on social bookmarking and learn how to take your bookmarks with you and share with friends. You’ll love the educational value she demonstrates in this series.

Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! Social Bookmarking 2.0

Diigo ~ more than a research tool – a knowledge sharing community. Easy-to-use and so powerful… Check it out!

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