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Report: Google Still Web’s Dominant Traffic Driver, But Some Niches See Facebook Gaining

Report: Google Still Web’s Dominant Traffic Driver, But Some Niches See Facebook Gaining
A wide-ranging report out today paints a rosy picture for the future of search and search ads, and more specifically for Google to continue its dominance of the search landscape. But there are small niches where Google’s position as a dominant traffic driver might be taking a hit.

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Quora Traffic Triples, But It’s Still Tiny

Quora Traffic Triples, But It’s Still Tiny
Traffic to online Q&A site Quora tripled in January, but it’s still a niche site: it currently amounts to 0.00025 percent of weekly Web traffic in the U.S.,

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U.S. audiences still love ballet

U.S. audiences still love ballet
As of Tuesday night, The New York Times featured eight stories about ballet on its Dance webpage, furthering my excitement about the upcoming Christmas season and the various ballets that come with it.

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In The Still Of The Night- Boys 2 Men

In The Still Of The Night By: Boys 2 Men

Web traffic redirected to China still a mystery

Web traffic redirected to China still a mystery
Two instances where Web traffic was “hijacked” to servers in China have Internet watchers still scratching their heads.

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Did You Miss the Video Marketing Fad? Learn How You Can Still Take Advantage of it

Video Marketing is one of the most talked about marketing strategies for Network
Marketers. But as in all fields, success doesn’t come as easily as some
purport it to come. If you have been trying to market
your business online for very long at all, I am sure you are aware of all the
pitches about how video marketing is the bomb-diggety and that millionaires are made
overnight using YouTube alone.

But so what? What does that mean for you?

Unfortunately, not everybody that tries their hand at video marketing succeeds
but everybody is still going on about those that are. You know, that idiot teenager that is making
a killing on YouTube. Whatever happened to seniority and wisdom from age?

Most people that follow these hotshots or try to duplicate their success don’t
seem to be as “lucky”. In fact, many of them don’t get any results at all.

What makes such a huge difference? Are these promoters holding back some of the keys to
really succeeding, or are you just not getting the big picture?

Videos DO tend to jump to the top of search rankings faster than a lot of other
types of content. People tend to prefer videos to articles hands down because,
let’s face it, people are lazy and it is easier to watch a video than it is to
read a boring article.

But will simply posting a video on your mlm company bring you overnight success
like it did for Joe Schmoe? Probably not…

Video marketing is one of many methods to get more traffic. Just like any
other method, it has its pros and its cons, but more on that in a later article.

The concept I’d really like to share with you is the idea of spamming a video to
as many sites as possible to get it out there.

Does it really help?

There is service after service that promises to make your life easier by
doing most of your video marketing, but there is one thing that you really can’t cut any corners
on if you are going to really be successful.

Creating valuable video content with a relevant title and keywords.

That pretty much sums it up.

Regardless of the number of sites you submit to, it’s not really going to
matter if it shows the workmanship of a kindergartener
that hasn’t had his nap yet.

Lots of people in the MLM industry are feverishly searching for ways to get more leads for
their MLM business without actually having to think or work, when the truth is,
if their business is ever going to get the leads they are after, it is going
to be because they got off their keisters and made something happen.
They’ve got to become more valuable. They are going to have to learn more about
whatever it is they are trying to market so that they really ARE the expert,
and not just some frightened beginner, which can take some time.

After you have mastered creating your own value packed videos, then submitting them
to a lot of different sites can make things happen for you.

There is more than one service out there that you can use to submit your videos
– the two that I would recommend are Traffic Geyser and Tubemogul.

However, before making a decision, let me tell you about the differences
between the two. You can use Tubemogul for free, while
Traffic Geyser will give you a $1 trial, but then you will have to pay every month to
keep your account active. If you go the Traffic Geyser route there is a little more
motivation to succeed. Traffic Geyser sends your videos to a lot more directories
and sites than Tubemogul does, but really only because Traffic Geyser is a lot
more lax about helping to enforce the terms and conditions of the respective
video sites.

Either way that you go (I recommend Tubemogul, especially for newbies), you
will be able to get your content out to more people by using one of these
services, and then if you have put in the blood and sweat to create some really
awesome valuable content, you won’t have to worry too much about getting traffic.

Keep in mind that all of this is only one marketing method, and that you
shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket. You should find two or
three marketing methods that you love and become a black belt at them. Don’t
ever stop learning… keep adding new tools to your arsenal, but only after you
have mastered the ones you already have.

Until you have mastered them, I recommend putting on the blinders and going to work.

If you are interested in learning how to smoothly incorporate video marketing into the grander scale of things, take a peek at my complete internet marketing system for ANYBODY in ANY MLM. For more articles like this one, please visit my internet marketing blog.

3 Months Later, Google AdSense Publisher Still Hacked & Out Tens Of Thousands

3 Months Later, Google AdSense Publisher Still Hacked & Out Tens Of Thousands
Two months ago, we reported AdSense Account Hacked, Google Sends ~$25,000 Payment To India . In short, an AdSense publishers account was hacked into, the password and email address on file were changed and the bank account information was also changed. The losses are in the tens of thousands of dollars for this publisher. Soon after we wrote about it, Google’s official AdSense representative …

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Google Still Selling iPhone Ads Despite Apple’s Fine Print

Google Still Selling iPhone Ads Despite Apple’s Fine Print
Apple is still allowing Google’s AdMob and other mobile advertising networks to collect data on users in order to deliver targeted ads despite releasing new terms last month that prohibited it.

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How to maximize traffic to your website and still pay less One of the top online marketers in the world explains how to use paid traffic for your website efficiently and profitably.

Will SEO still exist in five years?

On February 26, 2009, Google software engineer Matt Cutts collected questions on Google Moderator and answered many of them on video. Kevin from Marseille, France asked: Will SEO still exist in 5 years?

Is it still worth submitting a link to the Yahoo! Site Directory?

What’s my link building ROI for my site here?

Several Web sites block ICMP traffic due to DDoS attacks. Why does Yahoo still allow PING and TRACERT?

CNN, Microsoft, Ebay, and Yahoo all experienced DDoS attacks, but Yahoo is the only one that still allows ICMP traffic. I was curious as to why.

Can you still get a lot of web traffic using other people’s articles from ezinearticles on your site?

If you talk a bit about the article and then box the article with a link to their site “unedited” and you still place the keywords in the right spots on the page and use profitable keywords can you STILL rank using their content or will google frown on this?

Is Google Page Rank Still Relevant?

What is Google Page Rank and how does it affect me you ask. Google Page Rank is a website score that represents how important a websites relevance is in the category of business they represent. Google gets this score from measuring the amount of quality links pointing to your site from other websites with the same relevance.

If you have a link to your website from another website with a Google Page Rank of 5 and is relevant to the subject matter your company represents, then Google sees that as a quality link. If you can get your link on a homepage of a high ranking website that is relevant to yours, then you will get a higher score than putting it on a sub page of the site which will usually get a lower Page Rank.

Google usually makes a major Page Rank update every three to four months. Its servers around the globe have to compare there information and the Page Rank is not complete until all of Googles servers have been updated with the new Page Rank scores.

The Page Rank is measured from 1 to ten one being the lowest score and ten being the highest you can have. New sites and sites that have not had any search engine optimization applied to them will have a score of 0. If you use Mozilla Firefox for browsing you can install a new add called SEO Quake. This tool will allow you to see how many links you have in Google and Yahoo.

It will show you the sites page rank and when the site was registered. You can do a search in Google for new music for example. The free results will show up with all the link info and page rank score below the text listing. You can compare all the sites for yourself and can make a partial determination that the Google Page Rank is still a large factor is determining your placement for targeted keywords in the free listings.

I currently manage the SEO campaigns for 27 successful websites and have noticed my Google placement on all staying consistent in their positions as Yahoo and MSN positions continue to rise. Google has made several updates on my back link quality and count on each site but I see little movement in the sites placement since April when the last PR update was performed. The page rank is more than just a number and if it is that irrelevant than Google has not made many other major updates on its server since April either.

Just remember, optimize your site for your customers first and for the search engines second. You can get plenty of traffic using the wrong keywords but visitors will see your site is not what they were looking for when they get there. A few quality back links are more relevant than a bunch of non relevant back links. Use common sense and consider what your customers are looking for and what they expect to see when they get to your website.

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How do I block MSN access with my Netgear FVS336G router and still allow normal web traffic?

I have a Netgear FVS336G router and would like to be able to block MSN, Skype and Audio streaming while still allowing normal HTTP traffic.

If I disable HTP then MSN and audio streaming are blocked yet if I enable it they are open and I can’t figure out how to stop just them.

Please help?

Even with Comcast’s Fancast Xfinity Web site, ‘TV Everywhere’ still isn’t

Even with Comcast’s Fancast Xfinity Web site, ‘TV Everywhere’ still isn’t
Subscribers to Comcast’s TV and Internet services have been getting a little something extra lately: access to a Web site that lets them watch many of the channels their bills cover.

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